This job is not for a photographer, in fact I ask that any hobby or professional photographer NOT apply for this position. I'm looking for someone who can simply take the office tasks at hand, and accomplish them efficiently.

Required skills:
Good Grammar & writing abilities
Knowledgeable on a Computer
At home Internet & Computer
Understanding of Facebook, Pinterest & Blogging.
(Yes, Pinterest, is part of the job!)

You will be:
Responding to Emails/Inquiries
Sending Contracts & Invoices
Setting Appointments
Uploading Photos to Facebook & Pinterest
Posting Blogs (minimal writing)

Hours would only be Monday-Friday, mornings are preferred, but flexible. (Approximately 2 hours per day, max of 15 hours per week)
This is open to non-locals as well. All work may be done from computer, and you are not required to live in Payson, or even Arizona.

The key here is finding someone who can dedicate a small amount of time each day, Monday-Friday to stay on top of these small tasks. This is a huge responsibility, and a major part of my business, I will need someone I can trust to take care of things properly.
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