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Welcome to the blog, this is the place to see the most recent work in whole...also beautiful sized photos not killed by facebook!

Amy Martell is a destination wedding photographer, local to Arizona. Also available for portraits.

Our Iceland Adventure [pt. 1] | Destination Photographer

Iceland is an amazing many incredible landscapes and thousands of waterfalls. We chose it as our family vacation destination in hopes to get to know this country intimately. 

We took ten days to drive around the entire island, and every second was unbelievable. 

Iceland is becoming a unique location for elopements and destination weddings, so of course I wanted to explore it myself, and hope to one day shoot a bride & groom on the gorgeous cliffs, or black sand beach. 

It can actually be a fun & affordable place to escape to, with thanks to WOWair & (not affiliated or sponsored, just a believer in telling the world how to travel on a budget!) 

Our first two days we explored the city of Reykjeavik, this was the only time we experienced really cold weather, as you may notice by the extra hats, and lots of coffee stops! 

Next we hit the road headed south and stopped at every waterfall & cool thing we could. Mailey loved the Geyser! 


Vik was one of our favorite stops, because who wouldn't love a black sand beach and volcanic pillar rocks to climb on? 

More to come..... I took SO many photos!